Tarot Card for the Day ~ April 25

Three of Spears

The Horse Fair


We saw this one on April 1.  So back around it comes, this time with no insights from David St. Hubbins.


Once again, please remember that threes in any Tarot deck are power cards, or rather, that the issue the card is addressing is one of power, even if it doesn’t seem so on the surface.  Typically, a three would counsel things like


~ beware of power games,

~ be prepared for power struggles,

~ watch out for failure to own your power 

   or, better,






~ have a care against disempowerment

   in any area of life, whether by the action

   of others,  or by your own action

   or inaction 

~ empower yourself

~ empower those you love and believe in

~ accept the challenge of owning all of

   what you are and who you can be


Simple, really.  [I keep telling myself that.  Over.  And over.  And over.]


The Three of Spears is a card of mentoring direction, as it were.  It says:


“Be ruthlessly practical in pursuit of a much higher ideal.” 


The Tarot deck I use is Legend, the Arthurian Tarot.  In my story of the card, which depicts The Horse Fair, I see a young King Arthur having the brilliant insight that, to finally take the throne, and then to more effectively secure his kingdom, he needs to resurrect a strong cavalry wing and make it the centerpiece of his armed forces. 


Having decided so, he would then have to go to Britain’s great horse fair and be ruthlessly objective in his examination of each animal, knowing that the future of Camelot might well rest on that creature’s shoulders.   


So, envision your most exalted possibilities, your highest potential achievement for the Highest and Best.  Set your goal.  Then literally, practically, holding your nose to the necessary grindstones, do the things required to achieve your will − if it’s truly for the Highest and Best! 


Own your most amazing and idealistic dreams, and exert the power YOU have to pursue them through practical means.  (One horse at a time, if necessary.)  


Bright blessings and amazing achievements!

Quote for the Day   It’s not that the Irish are cynical. It’s rather that they have a wonderful lack of respect for everything and everybody.  ~ Brendan Behan


2 Responses to “Tarot Card for the Day ~ April 25”

  1. Donna Allen Says:

    I’ve never given the word “cynical” any iota of thought until this past week or so…and it’s been jumping at me and sreaming for attention.

    In his March-April Natural Passages newsletter, Herb Stevenson includes some Life Stages paragraphs. In the final stage, Stage 6, we are told that this stage “can be hopeful or cynical….”

    In his book Happiness Now!(a great book by the way; how it escaped me this long, I’ll never know), author Robert Holden says “Cynicism is like a mental cancer. It attempts to kill all hope, light, adventure, growth and healing. Cynicism is a decision to be a victim. Apart from being unhelpful, cynicism is also never justified, never real, never true and never accurage.”

    I’m not sure where I’m going with this. Perhaps just to say that I’ve CHOSEN to not be cynical. I do have this power. I do have the power fo choose happiness and hopefulness. We ALL do.

    Thank you for your continuing messages. They’re jist vunderful!

    ~ ~Blessings, Donna

  2. shamanspath Says:

    Thank you for your continuing messages. They’re jist vunderful!



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