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Tarot Card for the Day ~ April 18

April 17, 2009

Knight of Spears



Haven’t seen him since early January.    

And, if you’re the type to read a Daily Tarot post, it’s always good to keep his message somewhere nearby, ’cos it’s a good card for unique, unusual, self-directed folks.   

As I’ve said, it’s one of those cards for which my interpretation deviates some from the pack −which fits perfectly with the card, as we always see. 

Typical readings declare the Knight of Spears to betoken departure, a change of residence, etc.  So if those things are on your mind, take advantage of that energy and move along, whether you’re wild and free or dull as dust. 

Anna-Marie Ferguson, creator of the Legend deck I use sees this Knight as sociable, committed to fully developing abilities and acting on intuition − an interpretation I’d like, of course. 

So if you’re feeling a need to be among others of a positive bent, go! go!!!  And if you find an opportunity to enhance who you are and what you do − and it doesn’t involve buying a Tarot reader a new pair of crocodile penny loafers as a fee – go for it!  (I wear size 9, by the way.)

I see the Knight of Spears as the card of The Eccentric.  It represents the individual who knows what her or his goal is and what the best path will be to get there − even though it may seem the least likely path, and even the least useful goal to almost everyone else in his life. 

The Knight of Spears will therefore have to put up with a great deal of sage (and mostly useless) advice from everyone else about what to aim for and where to go.  So don’t be surprised when that happens to you.  It really does come with the territory. 

The Knight will perforce take all that in with grace and “goode humour” − to a point.    So do the best with that you can.

Once that point is passed, she or he will simply start down her or his own path anyway.  And if that doesn’t work, she/he will begin nudging the well-meaning obstacle (person) out of the way. 

And if that doesn’t work, she/he will walk her noble steed right over the blockage, human or otherwise. 

And if THAT don’t do it, she/he will simply take out a spear and put it right through the center of the stupid… What an image to go along with your morning coffee!  Or Miso.  Or Bushmills.  Or whatever.

So, today − and as you begin to line things up for a spectacular weekend − know your goal and know what you believe to be your best path to achieve it.  Be completely unsurprised if NOBODY else gets it.  Be true to your unique gifts and hopes – to your eccentricity, if you like.  But get going. 

If necessary, carry a spear.

Bright blessings and joy at the uniqueteria!


     Quote for the Day Yes, it was an act of God. But which God?  

~ Douglas Adams, from The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul


Another Quote for the Day (It’s Saturday) A common mistake that people make when trying to design something completely foolproof is to underestimate the ingenuity of complete fools.  ~ Douglas Adams