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Tarot Card for the Day ~ April 12

April 11, 2009

Nine of Spears

Wind Harps of War


Hmmm… A card we haven’t seen since late October, and an interesting card for this day.  Before I begin, let me wish all my Christian friends a Happy Easter, and wish everybody a beautiful day.

The Nine of Spears as I perceive it has two principal meanings to guide you. 

First, this card indicates you have a very capable, solid intuitive “early warning system.”    It gives you good, actionable information in advance that there might be, for example, problems somewhere over the horizon on a particular project, or that a person is not quite what he is presenting himself to be (and that ain’t good). 

BUT, this card also says, you’re most likely to second-guess yourself out of honoring and thus using the very fine and helpful guidance you have received. 

Stop that!  Right now.  Right.  Now.

If you’re going to take the trouble to read a Tarot posting, I’d guess it’s because you find intuition to be a valid tool that can help in your daily affairs.  Well, if MY intuition is good enough, so is yours ~ or it can be, once you stop second-guessing yourself out of what you’ve been given and start trusting and working with your inner guidance.

Second, this card says “Don’t get too comfortable where you are ‘living;’ you may choose to move.” 

I put living in quotation marks because Nine of Spears doesn’t just mean that you will sell your cottage in Chagrin Falls and move to a condo overlooking Erie in Lakewood, although you might.  This card can also indicate a big change in your personal philosophy, your spirituality, or your understanding about what physical health means to you and what you must do to maintain or enhance it. 

So keep an intuitive eye peeled for glimmerings of those kinds of changes that come your way beginning today.

Own and honor your intuition.  It’s one of your finest human gifts.  And see if there isn’t someplace better for you to reside ~ physically or philosophically.

Bright blessings!

Quote for the day:     Writing fiction has become a priestly business in countries that have lost their faith.  ~ Gore Vidal