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Tarot Card for the Day ~ April 9

April 8, 2009

Queen of Shields



Well, here’s one we haven’t seen yet on this blog, although I was sure we had.

Other readers find this card indicates opulence, generosity, liberty, security, and perhaps even greatness of soul.

Anna-Marie Ferguson, creator of the Legend deck I use, sees it betokening a sensible, considerate woman (or person), an effective advocate, one who uses her considerable influence and power to help those less fortunate. 

So if that’s the kind of energy you’re hoping to find and/or embody today, JUMP IN!

In working with my clients, I’ve come to see the Queen of Shields as very strongly paralleling the King of Shields.

Thisis what I call the card of the “Good Queen.”  [For those of you old enough to get the reference. I’ve also occasionally called it “the Harriet Nelson card.”]

This is the queen who understands that her mission is to care for the health of her kingdom – perhaps behind the scenes, perhaps boldly and with great fanfare − and to help take care of her subjects so that they generally can take care of themselves.

 She knows how the crops are growing, how the children are faring, whether the creatures are well, if the King’s men are living up to their obligations and so on.  She’s perfectly comfortable taking the limelight, and will be sweet or brash about it as will best serve the kingdom, but she does not seek it for herself and does not actually give a brass farthing for it except as a tool for doing good. 

Like the King, the hard lesson she has learned is that there will always be more things asked of her than she can possibly fulfill, more things in need of attention than she can possibly do.  She has, therefore, come to understand and be comfortable with the necessity of allocating resources, caring and effort in such a way as will provide the greatest return and benefit to her King and the kingdom.

 In her world, it ISN’T the squeakiest wheel that gets the grease; it’s the wheel whose repair is most significant and valuable to the King, the people and the land.


So, beginning today, how should you come to understand better the myriad workings of your kingdom?  (What, in fact, IS your kingdom?)  And how do you need to give yourself in a functional, practical way permission to attend to that which is really MOST IMPORTANT rather than that which seems MOST URGENT (or most annoying) in order to keep your kingdom’s balance, harmony and prosperity at the forefront of your rule?  What do you need to let go of, or let go fallow, or let go to hell, for that matter, in order for the stuff you truly came here to do to get done and get done well?   


So ask yourself, “What is really important?  Now how do I attend to that?  And how can I do it really, really well?”


Bright blessings as you rule all you survey!



Quote for the day:    “To find a form that accommodates the mess, that is the task of the artist now.”  ~ Samuel Beckett