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Tarot Card for the Day ~ April 4

April 3, 2009

The Hanged Man


Castle Perilous


Oh.  Dear.  Or, as Foul Ole Ron [one of Terry Pratchett’s truly memorable characters] would say, “Bugrit!  Millennium hand and shrimp!” This is one of those cards whose name and visual depiction can set a client whimpering the moment it’s seen. 


I suppose I can understand that.  The title alone is enough to cause mewling in some of the heartiest guys I’ve read for.  Both of them.


Some decks picture a fellow hanging by a rope upside down by one leg from a tree, possibly with his head about to take a major dunk in a river. 


Even my deck, Legend by Anna-Marie Ferguson pictures a bunch o’ knights left hanging in a grove, one leg and both arms tied behind their backs to show that they were powerless and had failed in a quest. 


So I get why some readers interpret the card as indicating restriction, sacrifice or − at best − feeling drained.


As you’d expect by now, I see the card differently.  When it turns up for a client, whatever area of his or her life we’re examining, I usually say something like,


“Okay.  Right away now.  Keep breathing.  Nice deep breaths.  Good!  Not too much.  Don’t hyperventilate.  Have a dram o’ this. Good.


“Now.  There are several levels of meaning to this card.


“First, what the card is saying to you is. ‘If you’ve been feeling stuck in place or like you’re so deep in a rut you can’t see over the edge, guess what?  Good news! You really have been.  You aren’t just whining!  Or mewling.  Or whatever.  And knowing that should actually make you feel better.


“‘Second, it’s time for you to move up and out of that stuck space.  And very soon, if not right now!’”


This is how.  The Hanged Man asks that you be extra vigilant in keeping your intuitive antenna up for strong, wise, functional, interested and caring energy that can and will help pull you out of your rut. 


The help may come in small chunks, like a better-paying job that can move you forward − as opposed to winning the Mega Millions lottery. Sorry.  But the help will be there, and be there in the ways that can really benefit you.


Your mission then is to stay tuned in, be aware, notice the positive energy or helpful opportunity, reach out for it and grab onto it when it shows up, and use it to move you along to where you really want to be.


There is an additional directive from the Hanged Man. 


The card basically says that, in those moments when new, positive, helpful energy and opportunities aren’t readily apparent – and those moments happen to all of us − your mission is to refuse to get sucked into the old hopelessness/helplessness whirlpool. 


Rather, use that time for prayer, meditation, shamanic journeying, etc.  Go deep within, embrace your own spirituality, guidance, wisdom, and healing.  Use that “fallow time” in practices that will help you become more fully connected to your truer, deeper, self, and to the channels of spiritual power and assistance around you.


Stay aware.  Stay much more aware than normal, in fact.  Know that positive energy and opportunities are there and will benefit you.  Reach out and take hold of them, one by one, to get you where you intend.   If nothin’s shakin’, use the time for prayer, meditation, magical studies and spiritual practice to increase those elements that are of and for your highest and best.


Bright blessings and beautiful positive flow upward and away!    

Quote for the day:    “We were the Spice Boys.”  ~ George Harrison