Yes. I Do Weddings


 I Do Weddings


It has been one of those interesting days.  It began with me receiving one of those goofy, “You are the spawn of Satan and MY Lord Jesus will smite your evil butt unless you repent,” kinda emails.  [Poor Jesus.  The garbage people do thinking it’s in HIS name.]

Then I got this lovely note from a dear fellow and friend at whose wedding I was recently privileged to officiate (I’m a licensed minister in the state of Ohio).

I’ve changed the names to protect the privacy of the writer and his family.

Speaking of frighteningly good, if we had a decent copy of the ceremony on video (and the copy we do have I haven’t seen yet), you could use it as resume.  I have received so many compliments on the job you did as our officiate that I can’t begin to quote them all.  To which I only say, “I knew he’d be good, I didn’t know he’d be that good!”  Thanks again for a truly amazing job.  We’ve gotten a ton of praise for the ceremony as a whole, and you were a big part of that.  Comments like (no lie, this), “it was the best wedding I’ve ever been to” are not uncommon.  Wow.  I wasn’t expecting things to be that good, either.’  

And the day got beautiful again!

Bright blessings!

4 Responses to “Yes. I Do Weddings”

  1. Donna Allen Says:

    Hi, Neal,

    Thanks so much for sharing. I’m so sorry to hear about your “Satan” email. Goofy people out there.

    AND so happy to hear about the wonderful wedding ceremony. Happy….but hardly surprised. Yer the best!

    ~ ~ Blessings, Donna

  2. shamanspath Says:

    Ah, well.

    As I shared with one other friend, I would be the last person to deny anybody his or her own spiritual path — assuming it didn’t involve human or animal sacrifice or other kinds of cruelty. But I do wish more of us would focus on compassion and inclusion despite differences, rather than finding more ways to damn and exclude each other.

    Thanks, Donna.



  3. Donna Allen Says:

    You worded all of that so beautifully. My sentiments exactly. I’m sure the Heavens bless your thoughts and efforts to bring “compassion and inclusion despite differences” into our world reality. I’m sure.

    ~ ~ Blessings, Donna

  4. shamanspath Says:

    Thanks so much, Donna!

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