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Tarot Card for the Day ~ February 13

February 12, 2009

The Empress




An awfully good card for a Friday the thirteenth!


The Empress card really does take us lovingly by the throat and say, “Look: Today has the potential to be SUCH a great, beautiful day!  Remember that, will ya?  And take advantage of it.  That’s why we’re giving it to you.”


The Empress is a card of abundance, creativity, beauty and fertility.  


It’s a card of nurturing, both giving and receiving. 


In this day, you can find opportunities to go after your most enriching, ennobling dreams.  [So it really is pretty important that you have some idea what they are.  Right?] 


Open yourself to your muse.  Believe in your creativity and let it flow.  And keep an eye out for beneficence from an admirable, kind and generous community leader ~ most likely a woman. 


If opportunity knocks, rise to the occasion!  Don’t hold yourself back.  And take a risk or two on something that you love and believe in.


Bright blessings!