Some Prayerwork for Healing

Some Prayerwork


I’m currently working with a couple clients who are pushing back hard and brilliantly against illness.

In my dreamwork invocation the other night, I asked, “Please give me a prayer that can truly help CURE illness.”

Just before I fell asleep, this is what I heard:

Help me love myself.

Help me love my life.

Help me treat life lovingly.

Help me treat my life lovingly.


Of course, then, if you wished to make affirmations of this, you might try


I love myself.

I love my life.

I treat life lovingly.

I treat my life lovingly.  


Brightest blessings!


4 Responses to “Some Prayerwork for Healing”

  1. Donna Allen Says:

    Very, very beautiful, Neal. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Donna Allen Says:

    My mind and heart have been playing with your prayerwork message for the past couple hours. My prayer for today is:

    Help me love myself and my life more fully.
    Help me treat life and MY life more lovingly.

    ~ ~ Thanks so much. ~ ~ Donna

  3. shamanspath Says:

    Thank You so much, Donna!

  4. shamanspath Says:


    I remember how Myron Eshowsky, my most esteemed shamanic teacher, once commented that “Shamanism is not a cookie-cutter spirituality. You take what you are given and work with Spirit to make it your own.”

    This seems to me to be a good illustration of that idea.

    Blessings and light,


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