Staying Positive

Staying Positive


The comment below came from my friend Ginny in response to the Card for December 15 (Wheel of Fortune/Arthur’s Dream).

We thought it might be useful for everybody, so here it is as a post, along with my response.


Okay, as Neal would say, “All together now…”  Don’t watch the news. Listen to only music on the radio. Don’t read the newspaper (except for the comics!). And, stop reading Yahoo’s master page with news. It’s all depressing and none of it serves to bring in light. Instead, spend time with good friends and family, but ONLY those that are optimistic.

                                                                   ~ Ginny


Dear Ginny ~ Yup!  Pretty much!

To elaborate:

A lot of “spiritual path” material − over the last 20 years  at least − has suggested that taking a news fast (and even complete media fast) can be useful to bring back balance and even optimism.

And the two or three most functionally effective spiritual healers I know seem to almost never have watched the news or read the morning paper.  They’re up to date on the major things going on (maybe ’cos they’re so psychic, I dunno) but they never know what’s on the front page of the Times or what Bill O’Reilly said.

So UNLESS you’re going to willingly, CONSCIOUSLY take on the role of sending light to/energetically transforming the stuff you’re reading about (and that can be a worthy and loving endeavor), less news is prolly not a bad idea. Maybe start by doing an every other day news fast for a couple weeks and see what happens?

Bright blessings!

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One Response to “Staying Positive”

  1. Donna Allen Says:

    I agree wholeheartedly that a news/media fast can be extremely helpful –and especially during these unsettling times.

    A decade or so ago, Dr. Christiane Northrup’s words around this subject hit home: “Our nervous systems are not designed to take in all the carefully orchestrated negative news from all over the world every day.”

    Last week this same theme came to me through the words of Abraham in Jerry and Ester Hicks’ book Money, and the Law of Attraction: “(Sources of your media)…look all around your world for pockets of trouble, shining spotlights upon them and magnifying them and enhancing the trouble with dramatic music and then funneling it into your living rooms, giving you a tremendously distorted picture of the trouble, versus the Well-Being, of your planet.”

    Thanks, Ginny, while I do avoid most sources of the media, I was allowing the Yahoo’s master page with news to slip in as I checked my emails. Hmmm…one more little tweak needed in my “self-care” regimen.

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