Card for the Day

Seven of Spears: Arch of the Twelve Kings

Utter, total complete victory after a series of long, draining battles. 

Overcoming opposition.  Defending a noble vision.

One Response to “Card for the Day”

  1. joy Says:

    Hi Neal,

    FanTastic!!!!!! This is the best thing for you and all of us who benefit from your talents and committment to light and love.
    A few big upsets have happened in the last 2 weeks, and I kept writing in my daily journal the 29th of Sept. I’d go and check the calender and get in straight in my head, and then write the 29th day after day always thinking, no that’s not right.
    So I just found your delightful blog today the 2nd, but saw the 29th and I knew this was the message and why I’ve been calling each day the 29th of Sept. Thanks everr so much, light and love to you and yours, and I hope to catch one of your events soon. Love, Joy and Shelby

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